In this new supersaturated online universe of infinite free digital duplication, the axis of value has flipped. In the industrial age, copies often were more valuable than the original. (Who wanted the ''original'' prototype refrigerator that the one in your kitchen was based on?) Most people wanted a perfect working clone. The more common the clone, the more desirable, since it would then come with a brand name respected by others and a network of service and repair outlets.

But now, in a brave new world of abundant and free copies, the order has inverted. Copies are so ubiquitous, so cheap (free, in fact) that the only things truly valuable are those which cannot be copied.

What kinds of things can't be copied?
Kevin Kelly, em um artigo muito bom no New York Times sobre a relação entre música e tecnologia. O texto vai além da preocupação com pirataria em massa e cópias pessoais, tentando vislumbrar cenários para o futuro.

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